All gyms are equal, but some are more equal than others


We all know that feeling when your jeans start to get that little too tight, the bathroom scales start saying things you don’t want to hear and you finally decide its time to get back in the gym. It’s like the first day back at school, yes you have been before and think you know what your in for but this place is new, so are the faces, and all the equipment looks more like medieval torture devices rather than a way to get fit. You may even have switched from a brand new technology filled gym equipped with everything from saunas to a juice bar and are now stepping foot in a room full of heavy iron bars chipped with rust. Trading in a beautiful blonde spinning instructor for the vest wearing cousin of a gorilla. Either way you’re there for one reason and that is to work out.

My most recent gyms have been of the later description. The modern gyms are great and generally they smell a whole lot nicer but I find they make me a little bit too comfortable. I don’t want to feel like I’m in a health spa for a relaxing hour or two. It doesn’t get me in the right mind set. A relaxed environment is the last thing I need on a day when motivation is waning. I also don’t need to be surrounded by people walking slowly on treadmills and chatting about their plans for the evening. For me this is not what a gym is for. If you want to walk, then go outside and walk, and if you want to socialize then go to a bar. It’s hardly the most motivational thing to see when your sweating profusely from every pore. I want my environment to reflect what I am there to do. Its not that I need to be constantly reminded why I am there but its all part of it. I don’t go to the gym to socialize and I don’t go to bars to work out. Although some of my more frenetic dancing could probably pass for an aerobic workout, but the less said about that the better.

Another gym I have used in the past was a combination of both. It started off being very no nonsense and basic but having everything you needed for a decent workout. The problem came when they decided to revamp and modernise. I have nothing against painting peeling walls or replacing broken machines. But when you replace the weights bench with computerised mountain bikes and take away all of the free weights to be replaced with a bigger reception for potential members to be wooed. That is when I have a problem. To add insult to injury they started to offer free WIFI to distract you even further from reaching your goals.  This doesn’t mean all modern gyms are bad. Many are in fact fantastic and cater for everybody, and more importantly every goal. I would take clean modern changing rooms with a decent set of showers any day. It beats showers that more closely resemble steamed up toilets with a few holes in the ceiling for water to leak through. As long as the quality of workout available lets you achieve your goals then any gym is adequate and any extra facilities are a bonus.

With new year fast approaching and gym memberships about to start selling like wild fire I would just say before you dive in headfirst you need to find your purpose before you find your place. Set goals for what you want to achieve and then find a place that allows you to reach those goals. Whether it’s one of the many gyms, you’re own garage or even the local park. If it works for you then it is perfect. Just remember though that going once, even to the best of places, will never make you healthy and its all about consistency and dedication to yourself. So put the effort in if you want to see results.

So to all those joining the fitness train have a brilliant new year and stay posted as I detail a great new years detox.

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4 thoughts on “All gyms are equal, but some are more equal than others

  1. I think the ultimate gym has a sizeable weights area, ample cardio zone, and a beautiful smelling spa. The problem is, that’s either £££ or means you’ve died & gone to heaven 😦

  2. GYM MUTT says:

    My all time favorite gym is still the North Austin Gold’s Gym. Amazing facility. The floor plan was great, and the amount of weights I had to work with were substantial. Music was good, but who cares about that. I’ve been to a lot of gyms, but that one takes the iron cake.

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