Product review – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein


Product review – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Pure Casein

So I decided to change things up from just my ordinary whey protein and add in some of optimums Nutrition’s Casein protein.

Casein protein has a much slower release than whey protein and slowly feeds your muscles after you have taken it as opposed to in one big hit. Whilst rapid proteins are ideal for pre and post work out shakes, Casein protein works best during the other parts of the day between meals and over night to keep your muscles ticking over.



Since adding this in to my regime I have definitely noticed that I have had a much better recovery rate than when I was just using whey proteins post work out. I have been taking this either first thing in the morning or last thing at night depending on workouts. Another added benefit is that if taken in the morning it leaves me allot fuller for much longer and eliminates any urges for snacking. As for strength gains I cant say I have noticed much that I can attribute to this product but thanks to the quicker recovery I have been able to train harder in each workout



The taste is very nice and is actually one of the best shakes I have had. I opted for the chocolate flavour and although it is a tiny bit weak there is no lingering after tastes and you definitely don’t have to struggle through every mouthful.


Mix ability

Again this product is very good in this respect. A few quick shakes and all the powder is mixed in with no clumps. If left to sit for a bit it can start to separate a bit and sit at the bottom of the shaker but one shake and it instantly returns to a consistent mix. As it is casein and therefore less soluble than whey it can sometime feel slightly gritty but most of the time this is not noticeable


Value for money

Although slightly expensive I have found this product to be very good in all areas and therefore I think if it is within your price range then it is definitely worth looking to add this to your cupboard


Let me know what you think if you have tried it or have any other Casein supplements that you think are worth checking out.

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2 thoughts on “Product review – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

  1. Dustin says:

    I love optimum nutrition. After they have reformulated, I’ve heard some questions on whether they are still the top protein on the market. However, I’m still a huge fan. The great flavors really help to stay consistent with it.

    • coxgaz says:

      I agree. I use quite a few of their products now and have to say for me they seem very no nonsense compared to some of the other companies out there. That combined with some great results means Im sticking with them.

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