Theres always an excuse


There’s always an excuse

You know the feeling you have when its been a long day and you just don’t fancy going to the gym. You can always find an excuse. My back is a bit sore so maybe I shouldn’t risk injuring it. Or Maybe I will just move my rest day up to today. The same goes for nutrition. You have had a hard day so you deserve that last piece of cake in the fridge or to have the comfort food you are craving. We have all been there and its easily done. These excuses however, if left to go unchecked can start to mount up and when you add them all together it is quite often what makes the difference between what you look like and feel like now and what you aspire to


My past week

Now one bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one good meal won’t make you healthy. The key is knowing when it’s ok to have the odd treat here and there. Once again it comes down to balance. This past week my balance has been slightly off and I have found myself justifying each of my unhealthy choices all to easily. For example I have let too many carbs find their way back in to my diet by just being lazy with my food choices. On top of that I have on more than one occasion raided the junk food for a quick snack rather than opting for the healthy option. It is easily done, even at the time you know full well you shouldn’t be doing it but the little voice in the back of your head will make every excuse you could ever need to justify what you are doing. Everyone does it. Here are just a couple of mine over the past week,


I don’t have the option to eat healthy

This is totally untrue as for me there is always a healthy option, however it is not always as appealing as a burger and chips for example. I will admit that in some circumstances there may not be a healthy choice but when there is, there is no excuse not to take it if you want to live healthily


I don’t have the time

A lot of junk food is quick and easy. But so is grabbing some fruit or a bag of mixed nuts. Also in the case of larger meals you can always pre cook healthy choices when you have spare time and then just have them at your convenience. Again it comes down to planning and sticking to what is right. If health is your goal then you can always make time for it


I will just have this one and that’s it

Now this in itself isn’t a problem as long as it is just the one. As I said above it is when these one offs start to add up and you start to get yourself in to bad habits


I have had a long day so I deserve it

Now this is a very common excuse. Your tired or stressed out and all you want is that nice tasting treat. You have worked hard all day so why shouldn’t you have what you want now. This however is trading instant satisfaction for your long term goals and comes down to discipline and what you really want. As a friend of mine told me, your not a dog so don’t reward yourself with food.


These were just a few of the excuses my brain came up with but the list could go on forever. Your mind has an unlimited power to justify pretty much anything if you want it badly enough, and it is not always the best when comparing a long term goal over a short term gratification.


So it’s been a busy week

Excuses aside it has been a very busy week work wise for me. With longer work hours and less sleep, looking after my diet and getting exercise has been a lot harder. I have still managed to get in around 40 minutes of exercise each day but I have really had to be strict with myself to fit it in. The main thing for me that has suffered has been my diet. Although still much better than it was before I started to watch what I was consuming it has slipped slightly over the last week and I have found that bad habits have been creeping back in. The main culprit has been comfort carbs finding a way back on to my plate and a few too many unhealthy snack options. Another issue has been my lack of hydration. This is something I have always been very good at doing so I notice when I have been slacking and this week has been one of those times. On a plus side for any one that read my post Breakfast of champions you will be pleased to know that I have been sticking to this and have still not missed a single breakfast.


So where and when have I struggled

The main times that I have been struggling have been either when I was physically very tired and wanted something sugary to give me a boost of energy. Which is where the bad snack food has come in. Or towards the end of the day where my will power seemed to be dwindling, which is when I would make poor choices for my evening meal. I would be fully aware that I was making the wrong choices but the endless stream of justifications in my head would soothe the feelings of doing something wrong. So a few extra carbs slipped on to my plate and a few bits of salad where left off. Or maybe I had that piece of cake instead of a piece of fruit. What’s the harm in that? I mean it was only this once and I wasn’t going to make a habit of it. But that is exactly what was happening. I was slowly starting to let bad habits creep back in. Each time you make a bad health choice it makes it easier to make the next one and the next one. Just like a domino effect.


The power of bad habits

It is these one off occasions that start to add up and then slowly develop in to new habits. And it is these habits that if left to go unchecked can easily reaffirm themselves back in to your daily life. One bad meal can easily turn in to two and then from there its very easy to just say well I have already been unhealthy today so I may as well have what I want for the rest of the day and start again tomorrow. The problem then becomes that tomorrow you face the same issues and then each day from then onwards you push your healthy turn around later and later. Tomorrow becomes ‘I will start living healthily at the start of the new week’. Or ‘next month is when I will turn things around’. If you don’t catch yourself straight away it will become harder and harder to get yourself back on track. For me I am drawing a line under my poor choices and making sure that they were just a one off and my path to a healthy life keeps moving in the right direction.


The last piece of advice that I will give on this subject before I leave you is,

If you truly want to start being healthy then the best thing to do is start right now. Don’t start your healthy lifestyle by putting it off until tomorrow


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