The breakfast of champions


The breakfast of champions

Everyone says it’s the most important meal of the day. It’s a common held belief that everyone seems to know and yet many seem to ignore. Me being one of them. When I was younger it was never an issue. I was more than happy to hoover up whichever sugar coated cereal landed in my bowl, or on the lucky occasions when it was a bacon sandwich it would hardly touch my plate before it was gone. It was almost a ritual. I would wake up drink a cup of tea eat my cereal. Get washed and ready and then run for the school bus. I didn’t even think twice about it. It wasn’t so much that it was easy I just never really thought about it. I didn’t have to. As I got older though mornings just seemed to get harder. Getting out of bed became a chore and I would remain in there for as long as I possibly could. With less time in the mornings breakfast became progressively faster and smaller until it no longer existed at all. Even the cup of tea was quite often non existent anymore.

So I’m not a morning person

This new habit of no breakfast didn’t change for years. For sure I would feel pangs of hunger but I could just ignore them until at least break time. At which point I would have my first food of the day, several hours after I had woken up. Being as I had very little care for my health in general this didn’t seem to be an issue. I could cope with hunger and as far as I was aware that was the only affects of not eating. I would quite often be reminded however of the fact that I was missing my most important meal. But nobody ever backed these facts up, It was as good as saying carrots make you see in the dark or eating your crusts make your hair curly. On a side note as a child I did eat loads of carrots believing this lie and I also avoided crusts because I didn’t want curly hair. Gullible I suppose but I had fallen foul of food myths before. So was breakfast being important another one that I just hadn’t found out about yet.

What makes it the most important meal?

As the name originally suggested this meal is breaking your nightly fast. Now I know a lot of people are adamant these days that fasting for certain periods can be good for you but that’s not what this post is about. In its simplest form food is the body’s fuel and this is the first chance you get to fill up your body for the day. It helps wake you up from the morning haze and stay alert until you need to fill up again. Another point for anyone trying to loose weight it can be a great time to kick your body’s metabolism in to action. And when every calorie and pound counts the earlier you start this the better. It is also believed that skipping this meal may result in larger health problems in the future such as diabetes and obesity.  The lack of a morning fuel up can often lead to over filling yourself at the next possible opportunity. This I have found was definitely evident for myself. By skipping my breakfast I would normally eat twice as much at around ten o’clock to make up for it and very often I would take a much less healthier option. Another thing I found was that by failing to do this simple task in the morning I set my day off on the wrong foot. I was lacking simple discipline. From here it was easier to have a bad snack or a poor meal choice because I had already fallen at the first hurdle straight out of the gate.

Time to get my discipline back

Just like trying to be healthy before I have also tried on several occasions to reinstate my morning meal. This would usually last a very short time. I would either stay in my bed too long and not have time or once sitting at the table it just seemed like every mouth full was taking an entire lifetime. Needless to say I soon tired of this and went back to the ease of doing nothing. Most recently I went through a phase of getting up early enough to make eggs every morning. I was able to get up early mainly due to a good dose of jet lag. On top of getting my morning meal in it gave me a good amount of time to wake up and get my first dose of protein for the day. Which is an essential for any breakfast. Once my jet lag wore off I soon slipped back to what I know. It was all a lack of discipline. It was time to make a plan. Like all other things having a plan makes everything a lot easier to follow. Even something as simple as your breakfast can be planned out. With getting protein first thing being very important I decided to opt for a protein. I know it may seem like an easy option but as I said I’m not a morning person so I’m setting realistic goals. I then decided on a time I would get up each day, set my alarm and stick to it. This gives me a fixed daily alarm that allows me time to properly wake up, get my shake in and get ready for work.

So how am I getting on?

It has been several weeks now and I am proud to say I am sticking to this goal perfectly. I won’t say that getting up a bit earlier each day is easy or fun but I am doing it and once I get past the initial wake up fog I feel much better. I also don’t get any hunger until much later on and if I am hungry in my morning work break I simply top up with a banana and I am good to go to lunch. The morning discipline also sets me up with the right mind set for the day and has a positive affect throughout meaning its now much easier to make the right food choices and stay healthier

One more step in the right direction




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