The dangers of catching some rays


The dangers of catching some rays

This post is slightly off topic but I thought I would post it anyway as it’s the summer and a lot of people will be enjoying the sun and trying to get that all important tan. I, like most people, love the sun and I really love being out side. It is one of the main reasons that I don’t work in an office. For any one that doesn’t know me I work on board yachts. Aside from being great fun it means that I am outside all day everyday. So whether I want to or not I soak up a lot of the suns rays and I am also very aware of how this affects my skin and my day to day health

Soaking up the Sun

Like a lot of these posts I look back to when I was younger.  This makes me think back to summer holidays and my mum sitting outside trying to absorb everything the sun could throw at her. I could never understand it. I sort of still don’t. Even now as I am writing this I am outside, but I am in the shade. My Mum has since stopped this as she has realised the long term negative affects it can have. Sure a nice tan is good in the short term but is it really worth premature skin ageing and even worse cancer. I myself never gave it much thought. I knew all of the risks but as they were mostly long term it was hard for me to see the problems. I would be more than content to leave the house without even thinking about putting on sun cream. Even when I started working outside I would more often forget to apply any and when I realised I had forgotten I would not go and remedy the situation. That was until I saw first hand how quickly the sun can affect you

How to age one year in a single season

I used to work with a guy who couldn’t get enough of the sun. On top of working outside all day he would spend all his lunchtimes sun bathing and then after this head straight to the beach after work. The only time he didn’t see the sun was when the moon was out. He loved it. We were both quite young at the time and I would like to think we were both very fresh faced. After just a single season of this sun worshipping though you could see the affect it was having on his skin. Yes he had an amazing tan but he had also gained a few other things as well. There were wrinkles creeping on to the sides of his eyes and forehead from squinting his face. On several occasions he would fell asleep in the sun and manage to burn himself quite heavily. In short the sun had made him look tired and had prematurely aged him several year. Now I know all of these issues aside from burning seem only skin deep but it made me realise how powerful the sun is. And seeing it do this much damage in one season really made me think about how much it can do over a life time

So what would be my advice?

As always I’m not claiming to be and expert. But I like to think that spending so much time in the sun at least makes me aware of what precautions you can take. So here are a few of the things I have learnt. Most of them I am sure you sill be familiar with but it never hurts to go over things again. Firstly

Wearing sensible clothing – I’m not saying cover yourself from head to toe but doing simple things like having a collar you can fold up to protect your neck and a hat to keep the sun off your face always helps. Also don’t wear clothes that are too restricting or thick. Letting the body breath and cool down will not only make you feel a whole lot more comfortable but will also make you a lot less tired and lethargic when you are out and about in the heat.

Sun cream/screen – The next essential is to cover all the exposed areas of your skin in sun cream. Make sure to get one with a high SPF level. Guidelines say SPF 15 is strong enough if applied thickly but I would personally suggest going higher unless you are really putting it on think. And once it’s on don’t forget to reapply

Keep hydrated – You sweat a whole lot more in the sun so remember to keep topping up your body with water so that you don’t put yourself at risk of headaches and sunstroke

Use the shade – A very simple tip but make sure to use the shade when you can. Taking a break from the sun can do wonders

Vitamins and minerals – Now this is relatively new to me but you can also protect your body from the inside out. By taking the right vitamins and minerals you can protect your body from the sun harmful rays and keep yourself much safer in the sun. A great product I have come across and have been happily using for a while now is Sunergetic. It comes in simple pill format and is designed specifically to protect you from the sun. Aside from the added reassurance it gives me when I am outside all day, I also feel a lot less lethargic when I am working in the sun and have a lot more energy at the end of the each day. To check out the Sunergetic go to

These are all very simple tips but a lot of people choose to ignore them and hopefully reading this may make you think twice before leaving your hat at home or forgetting to slap on your sun screen

Speak to you soon

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