Me Vs Greens


Me Vs Greens

You’re always told when your growing up that eating your greens will make you big and strong. The message even managed to invade cartoons about a certain spinach eating sailor. And we all know how well it worked for him week in week out. Now when it comes to vegetables I was always a picky eater and to this day I still am. I’m not too bad when it comes to veg but salad I just can’t seem to get a taste for. Trust me I have tried. The only thing that even remotely works is when I have more dressing than salad itself. Which pretty much defeats the whole purpose. The other problem is that I would always compensate for my lack of greens by adding more carbs, loading up on the pasta or potatoes. I was trading out something good for something bad.

So what was I to do? The simplest step to start off with was to stop fighting my picky eating and just go along with it. I know the vegetables I do like so I have simply just cooked them over and over again, sounds boring right? But I am more than happy with it and I have even sneaked a few new ones on to my plate to add to my line up. But still the thorn in my side was salad. There was no getting round it and no matter how many leaves I shovelled in to my mouth I was nowhere closer to loving them. What now then?


Enter Smoothies and Juicing

I am no stranger to making smoothies and have been doing it for years. But I had never considered using them to include veg or salad. I pretty much stuck to just fruits in attempting to make nice tasting summer drinks. I may have on the odd occasion even snuck in some alcohol too but we will keep that between us. My logic was that if I didn’t like the taste of a salad when it was whole why would I like it mashed up in to a drink? Seems pretty sound logic even now, this thankfully was not the case at all though. By combining the right combinations and adding the odd piece of fruit in here and there you can create some amazing tasting drinks that pack a healthy punch as well. To be fair though getting the combinations wrong can come up with some equally shocking flavours. One recipe called for the addition of garlic and riding high on my new found faith I went along with it. This however was a mistake and I don’t think garlic will find its way in to another drink of mine for a long time.


So for someone like me who want’s to be healthy but is still learning to love the right foods these drinks are a godsend. I am now able to pack a serious portion of my daily greens in to one quick easy glass with enough left over for a little top up later. One of the best things is that it’s so quick and easy to make. The other brilliant thing is that there is no shortage of material out there on recipes and plans that you can pick and choose from, so you don’t have to stick with the monotony of the same drinks day in day out.




If you are interested in juicing I would recommend watching a Documentary called Fat sick and nearly dead. It shows how an Over weight and very sick Man changed his life by sorting out his diet. Although it is at the rather extreme end of the juicing scale, being as he is on a juice only detox, or as he calls it a juice fast. It is still a hugely inspiring watch and has some great bits of information for you to take on board and try out yourself. The best thing about it for me was the simple way that it laid out the principles of what it was trying to do and the health benefits I could gain. It seems almost like an idiots guide wrapped around an inspiring and heart warming story. As I said I would recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in their health or diet. There is a link below for the movies website and a few other helpful bits


So for me these little tricks seem to be working and so far I am feeling much better. I will post more on the topic including some of my favourite recipes and how it’s a great way to include some of your must have Super Foods in the coming weeks


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