My poor liver




My poor liver

As with every journey it always starts with just one step. My decision now was where that first step was going to take me. A healthy life is a very broad spectrum and depending on who you ask it can mean many different things. For some it’s the ability to run marathons, others its being able to lift the weight of a small car As I have mentioned before whenever I have attempted to get healthy I have always tried to incorporate everything at once. I would be going for a run and lifting weights whilst eating a bowl of celery. That may be a slight exaggeration but I still didn’t have any balance and would therefore drop the healthy lifestyle pretty quickly. This time I was going to start things slowly picking small things to change setting myself up for mini victories rather than large failures. I was putting together my game plan. So what would I sort out first. Deciding it needed to be big enough to notice and provide a satisfying enough challenge but at the same time easy enough to accomplish. So I started looking at what my issues were.

My Vices

My two main downfalls when it comes to being healthy are my terrible diet and drinking alcohol. Both were quite substantial tasks to take on and both needed sorting. I decided to go with drinking as through the last month I had consumed more than my fair share and I was still feeling the after effects of one too many days and nights out. To make it worse the Sun has been out in the UK recently which is always a big enough and a rare enough occasion to celebrate with a few cold beers. These weekend rituals however had left me feeling bloated, sore headed, with aching joints and to top all of this off I was sleeping very poorly and seemed to have no motivations or will power. What made things worse was that these symptoms seemed to be sticking around longer these days than ever before. I was convinced that because I didn’t drink throughout the week I was fine and that I was doing better than everyone else who had the odd few here and there. But I wasn’t and when I did drink it was always to excess. Plain and simple I was binge drinking.

The Negative health issues


I enjoy alcohol but I’m also not stupid so I am well aware of what the downsides are to it. For starters your average pint contains around 150 calories depending on the type, which is about the same amount as a bag of crisps. A glass of wine comes in slightly lower and around the same as a small chocolate bar. People often forget that just because you are drinking rather than eating that it doesn’t matter but this is simply not the case. So you can see how a few nights out can soon pile on the pounds. Aside from weight issues it also raises your chances of getting other high risk problems such as cirrhosis and cancer. Psychologically it can make you depressed, lose your libido and in many cases lead to dependency

So back to me


Now Alcohol is not something I want to cut out of my life entirely as I do enjoy it and when drunk sensibly and in moderation it’s fine. Like everything it is finding the right balance and at the moment I didn’t have this. My excess had left me suffering. So with my first problem securely in the firing line I started at the beginning. Cleaning out. My first and seemingly most easy to implement but possibly hardest to stick to is not drinking for a month. With that set in motion it’s now time to look at repairing the damage done.

My next posts will cover Giving my liver a much needed break, Detox teas, artichokes and Milk thistle as well as trying to find the right balance when it comes to drinking.

P.S. Having just tried a detox tea and winced in disgust with every sip I fear I am in for an interesting month.

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